From Our Shop To Your Home.
From Our Shop To Your Home.

Who Are We and What Are We Up To?

Hello, we are Edward and Janet Harper, owners of our little shop here in beautiful Windsor, Colorado and we would like to take this moment to welcome you in to our lives.


We are two creative souls who have long wanted to have our own business and after realizing that neither one of us were very good cooks, we decided that woodcrafting and other assorted handcrafts were more to our liking and skill sets.


We have long enjoyed creating unique and interesting handmade works of wood art via our trusty shop tools that we think make great items for the house, office, church, mountain cabins and well, pretty much anywhere else you might think to place it.


We have lots of new items heading into our store weekly and we are also excited about our new business model that has us becoming a fundraising tool for various ministries around the world!


If you long for the smile on someones face when you give them a handcrafted personalized gift, then you have come to the right place. Everything in our shop is something we took the time to make one by one just for you. I have the sawdust on the shop floor to prove it.



Take care and God bless..


Edward & Janet



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