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From Our Shop To Your Home.

Important Questions and Answers!


We thought it important to our friends and partners to list out a few questions that might be raised in what we have endeavored to do here as a unique fundraising partner. So here goes.


1. Why are we doing this? Becoming a fundraising tool for ministries?

We have long wanted to do something with our talents that would be of some benefit to Gods   Kingdom and so we decided to recreate our business model into more of a fundraising tool for various biblically based ministries we felt could use the support. By working together, we can not only make our own living but, we can also help raise money for others in a way that does not take away from their own regular support channels.


2. Does this cost the partners any money to use the store to raise funds?

Short answer? No. Slightly longer answer is that we do not charge anything for ministries to take part in our fundraising program but, to get the most out of our program, it is important for these ministries to let others know about our Shop and how it helps them raise funds and that may involve small advertising cost and such which they would be responsible for. Some materials and links are provided to them as well.


3. How does it work?

It is pretty simple really. Whenever a customer purchases a product from our online store, we donate a portion of those proceeds to the partner mentioned in the process. Sometimes it is automatic and for some products, we encourage buyers to let us know that they are buying something to benefit a specific partner.


4. Can it be for short term and/or long term fundraising?

Yes. We welcome the opportunity to help raise funds for something specific such as Christmas Dinner for the homeless or to help raise funds for mission trip supplies. We also work year around for ministries to help cover support and other needs as they arise.


5. How do the partners get paid? And, when?

At the end of every month we close the books and tally up the sales and cut a check for all that has been raised that month. We typically send out checks by the 10th of each following month to ensure proper accounting.


6. How do you keep track of the sales for each ministry?

Every sale is noted in our partners tracking folder and a complete sales tracking sheet is also mailed off together with the check.


7. What products do you sell/not sell.

We have a really nice assortment of handcrafted products and we are coming up with new ones all the time that we believe folks will really enjoy and have practical use for. As a fundraising tool for various ministries and churches, we feel it important not to produce items deemed offensive by common christian standards. (example: signs with foul language, drug related symbols or perverse in nature.) 


I mean, if your grandmother would slap you upside the head if she saw it-we probably won't make it..So don't ask. :)


8. What is the donation percentage of the sales?

It varys but typically, we have pledged to donate between 20-50% of the retail value of the product. We may also from time to time offer special donation rates to help with a specific need.


9. How do we as a church or ministry or mission become a partner?

Please see our "Becoming a Partner" page for more details.


10. Where are your products made? Who makes them?

We make all of our products right here in Windsor, Colorado. We have a small two person shop which may grow eventually but, we will never outsource any of our products. 


More questions? Please head over to our contact page and send us a quick note or call.




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