From Our Shop To Your Home.
From Our Shop To Your Home.

Becoming a Partner

Here is how your church, ministry or mission can apply to be a short or long term fundraising partner.


As we move forward into becoming a valued fundraising tool for our partners in various ministries, we want to clarify to everyone that our intentions are to be viewed as a supplemental source of income and not as a replacement to current sources of support. All of our products are made by hand right here in Colorado and we do not mass produce anything. We believe that as more folks become aware of our Shop and enjoy returning time and time again, we will be able to see a good amount raised on your behalf. That being said, we really want this endeavor to be blessed and hope to see some amazing results as we work together.


There are actually very few rules to abide by in becoming a partner with us.


First off, a partner is someone authorized to use our shop as a fundraising tool.


A partner can be a church, ministry or missions organization. We also work with individual missionaries we have met or have become acquainted with.


We may also limit the number of partners as time progresses.


We only send donations out to our preauthorized partners. Buyers can not request we send donations to non-partners.


As a privately held business, we reserve the right to choose with whom we do business and that means, if you wish to use our services, you must read and agree with and abide with our Statement of Faith.


Our calling is to serve Biblically-Based Christian Churches, Ministries and Mission Organizations all in good standing.


We are donating our own hard earned monies from our sales and so we can be picky.


We expect you to share news about our Shop and use us to your best advantage. Money doesn't just appear. Sales really depend on folks finding us and finding out that they can help you when they decide to make a purchase from our online shop.


You can use us for short term fundraising. 1-3 months. Raise money for a specific cause or need.

You can also use us year around. The products we sell are items anyone can use for all sorts of reasons and ocassions. We are not seasonally based.


Our donation levels are from 20% to 50%


The 20% is based upon any item in our shop. 

The 50% is for our Fall Christmas Ornament Drive. This runs from October thru December.


We may also hold other sales and auctions as time goes by on your behalf.


We also give you a page here on The Artful Tree Website. We pull some basic info from your own website and let folks know how to find you as well.


We also are creating a few ideas such as a Calender of Events that you can be listed in for special events or fundraisers you may be having down the road. Limited space available there.


We also are exploring a page similar to craigslist in which you can send in requests for ministry needs or offers of unused supplies or materials other ministries might have use for. 


There are no contracts. No products to buy or sell. No cookies. No popcorn, No magazines.

Nothing to store, track or ship.


Your only real requirements besides the above are to let your own support base know about us and to cash the checks timely. 


Interested? Send us a note or give us a call and we can talk about working together for the glory and advancement of the Kingdom of God while we await His return.


Edward and Janet Harper

Owners-The Artful tree







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